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Pencil stamping machine

Start your own home based business stamping names, quotes etc onto pencils. Complete start-up kits available including easy-to-use table-top machine. Shipped Worldwide.

At CPL, we can supply a wide range of hot foil stamping machines for personalizing onto pencils.

Our entry level hot foil machine for printing onto pencils is the 'Foilcraft Junior' which our customers just love!  We supply this machine with economy letters or more durable and longer-lasting brass letters.

With pencils now available in bright rainbow colours, they have become more popular and appealing.

You can simply personalize a set of pencils with a child or adults name or even stamp quotes from books, star signs, company names etc too!

This shows just how large your market is! Take your choice of packages to suit your budget:- 

1) Foilcraft Junior Pencil Stamping Package
2) Foilcraft EZ Pro Pencil Stamping Package
3) Foilcraft Mayfair Pencil Stamping Package


Our customer Kasee from Texas, USA


Examples of pencils printed on the Foilcraft Junior Hot Foil Machine

For Blank Unprinted Pencils,
Please click here

Above links will take you to our more comprehensive website for Hot Foil Stamping Machines &  Accessories

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