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  • 1) Do you supply your machines worldwide?
    Yes, we do supply our machines worldwide. They are available in 220/240v as well as 110v for North America. We can supply competitive shipping costs on request.
  • 2) Is it easy to import from the UK - I have never imported anything before?
    Don't worry. we export our goods worldwide on a very regular basis, so you are in very safe hands. We only use well known couriers and we also insure the goods. All we need from you is your zip code and the item you wish to order and we will get back to you the same working day for a shipping quote.
  • 3) Will the Foilcraft Hot Foil Stamping Machines work in the USA?
    Absolutely. Our Foilcraft Junior, EZ Pro and Mayfair Machines will work in the USA (110v) and also anywhere else in the world (220/240v). Currently, our Foilcraft Windsor will only work on 220/240v.
  • 4) Do you have contacts in the USA for consumables too?
    For sure, we have done all the hard work for you! So, whether you require someone to make metal dies for you, or wish to purchase type or even foils, we will supply you with a list of recommended suppliers in the USA with your purchase. This will help to keep your costs down and allow you to run your business more efficiently.
  • 5) How do I place an order?
    If you are based in the UK, you can either order online on this website or you can call us and order over the phone on 01708-731294. We also accept payment by bank transfer or via If you are based overseas, then please contact us for a shipping quotation first at which point we will then send you a pro-forma invoice via email along with our bank details for transfer of funds in British Pounds. You can also pay us via which offers a very low cost way of sending payment abroad.
  • 6) What is your warranty?
    We offer a 12 months warranty back to base for parts and labour. The warranty does not include fair wear and tear or any damage caused due to negligence or failure to follow our instruction. Our machines must be plugged directly into a wall socket and not an extension lead as this can lead to overheating! Please use surge protector (not supplied) for added safety. As our machines are very robustly built, thankfully, they will not fall apart. We use high quality electrical components - however, should any of them fail, we would send you a replacement one by post, which you then must then ask a qualified electrician to replace. Our warranty is for parts and not labor.
  • 7) What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?
    If you have not received your order in a timely manner, please contact us at and we will look into this promptly for you and address any issues asap. You can also call us weekdays on 01708-731294 or free via WhatsApp on 0044 7542 592 589
  • 8) Do I require any training?
    Hot Foil Stamping is a very simple process. With your purchase, we will supply you with an Instruction Manual with lots of colour images as well as downloads/videos for training. We are also available via WhatsApp where you can talk to us free and send us any video images incase there are any queries, this in turn allows us to help our customers wherever they are in the world!
  • 9) Can you produce foreign fonts and european accents?
    If you opt for our brass type, then we can make almost any font in an any language (including accents) Simply send us a font folder and the size you would require the brass letters in and we will be able to offer you a quotation accordingly. Below is an example of a Hebrew font we engraved for our customer overseas. ​
  • 10) Is the foil printing process completly dry?
    Absolutely! It takes just a second or so to print and the product can be handled immediately after printing. We do not use any ink with foil printing as the colour of print is actually dictated by the colour of foil we use - eg. Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Metallic Red etc. You can also buy foil in matt, multi-colour finish as well as holographic. Not many are aware of this, but you can also print foil on top of foil to create some stunning effects!
  • 11) Will the foil come off at all once printed?
    In principle, the answer is ‘No’. However, some surfaces may require a different grade of foil for longevity or durability of the print eg. grainy leather etc. You can talk to your local foil supplier for suggestions as foils can be made available in many grades depending what surface you intend to print onto. You will find that often, you may even be able to send them a sample of your product for them to test for foil suitability and recommend the correct grade of foil for your needs. We only supply general purpose foils because we do not know what you intend to print onto. Whilst we are experts in our machines we do not claim to be experts on all grades of foils and substrates. If our foil does not work well on your substrate, then you will need to liaise with foil suppliers to address any such issues. If the print does not adhere to you surface, then it is not necessarily the machine that is at fault but the incorrect grade of foil. Foils can also wear off over a period of time, especially if the print rubs against other items such as key fobs. This is to be expected.
  • 12) Can I deboss onto leather without using foil?
    Yes you can depending on the type of leather you are embossing, temperature, dwell time and the amount of hand pressure applied.
  • 13) Why are your machines cheaper than others on the market?
    Basically, we keep our overheads low and run an efficient system here as well as employing economies of scale. By manufacturing machine parts in larger volumes, we keep our costs down and this helps us to pass on the savings to our customers. Our hot foil stamping machines are manufactured with over 36 years of experience behind us, we are the oldest and most established company in the UK. Therefore, not only do you benefit from competitive prices but also from our expertise. It's a win-win situation for our customers.
  • 14) Could the machine be faulty if I am not achieving a good quality print?
    Our machine is mostly a mechanical device with a built in thermostat. If the light on the thermostat is clicking on/off and the chase/die holding block is very hot to touch, then in principle, the machine is working and not considered faulty. In order to achieve a good quality print, you MUST read and fully understand the Instruction Manual and watch the Training DVD in full as these contain lots of useful hints and tips. If these are ignored, then this could result in you not using the machine correctly, which in turn could lead to a lot of time wastage for both, you and us. If the machine in genuinely faulty, we will of course always be willing to have it back here subject to our T&C's
  • 15) Do you accept returns or refunds?
    We offer to take back unwanted, unused and unopened goods if we are informed in writing withn 14 days under change of mind. Under change of mind, customer is liable to pay shipping charges both ways. Customers must ensure that the goods are packaged very carefully in thier original packaging and shipped to us fully insured. No refunds will be made for type that has been opened up or specially ordered type/dies (Metal or Brass) or materials. This is inline with the Distance Selling Act where special goods are made or ordered. Please refer to our T&C's for more information.
  • 16) Can you produce special emojis?
    Yes we can produce special emjois in brass! SImply send us good quality artwork to the correct size and we will be able to quote you accordingly. Emojis are very popular these days when used with brass letters or even on their own. We also supply a number of ready-made emojis in our online shop.
  • 17) What is special about the Foilcraft Junior?
    The Foilcraft Junior is a great starter machine with am impressive 4" x 1.25" print area. It is possible to stamp a couple of lines at least depending on the size of the letters. Dies can also be used with the Foilcraft Junior. A die holder is supplied with each machine. The Foilcraft Junior has a longer reach than other smaller machines which means that you can stamp further down the product. The Foilcraft Junior is also height-adjustable by upto 2" to accommodate planners, books, diaries, box lids etc. There are two print beds on the Foilcraft Junior, the smaller chrome finished one for stamping onto smaller products or where products need to hang off slightly and the larger base (with the smaller chrome bed removed) to accommodate planners, notebooks, diaries etc.
  • 18) What is special about the Foilcraft EZ Pro?
    There are many features of the Foilcraft EZ Pro that make it special - features sich as:- a) British Design b) High quality workmanship - solidly built c) Approximate 4x3 inch print area d) Height adjustable by almost 5 inches for bulkier products e) Long reach f) Digital thermostat g) Work on 110v as well as 220/240v i) Can use optional type or dies (metal or brass) j) Can use optional Floating Bed for printing onto bags and awkward shaped products etc k) Four independent adjustable presure screws for greater accuracy and alignment l) Fast heat up time
  • 19) What is special about the Foilcraft Mayfair?
    The Foilcraft Mayfair has lots of exciting features including:- Laser Light for correct alignment Grid marked table for easy product alignment Sliding print bed to make products easy to load and unload 2 x Clamps for holding down products securely whilst stamping Removable print bed for loading bags Vertical stamping Neat and compact design, high quality engineering Working light (option) Self-Centering Letter Holder Die holder - easy to attach dies Compact and modern design which is also aesthetically pleasing This machine is great for a busy location with a less of a learning curve.
  • 20) What is special about the Foilcraft Windsor?
    The Foilcraft Windsor is the latest addition to our prestige range of hot foil stamping machines and is only available in 220V. The Foilcraft Windsor is a heavy duty vertical hot foil stamping machine designed mainly for quick personalisation of large and oversized luggage, backpacks, handbags etc. - thanks to its height adjustment and large reach/throat depth. It can also stamp onto smaller products with ease too, just like our other machines. Weighing in at around 46kg, this machine is packed with features not found on other machines within this price range.
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