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Leather Die Cutting Machine

CPL "EZ CUT" Manual Die Cutting Machine (also known as a Clicker Press) is used for cutting out shapes.  It can cut shapes into Leather, Foam, Felt, Thin Plastic, Paper, Card, Vinyl etc.

This machine does not use any electricity but does require 'Forms' or otherwise known as 'Knives'. These can be made by a specialist supplier from your artwork.

The blades are mounted into wood and when these forms are placed on top of the leather for example and pressure is applied by pulling the lever, the item is die cut according to the shape of the form.


The leather die cutter shown in our videos is the previous model.  They work in exactly the same way as our new model shown above.

The new model is improved and can cut even thicker.

On the right are two reviews on our EZ Die Cutter. Both purchased our machines and decided to give a frank opinion on our die cutting machine.



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