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E-Mark handheld inkjet printer

Amazing Tech - Print On Demand - Hand Held Inkjet Printer

The e-mark is a mobile  marking device which allows you to create and change own imprints and print them by an easy sideways movement. It’s operated through an App on a mobile device (phone or tablet) or a PC with the option to create almost unlimited designs. Ready-to-use templates and special features are available. Design anything, anywhere.

With a free app developed by COLOP this will allow the user unlimited imprint designs that can be created and sent to the machine via Wifi connection. Once the data is sent to the e-mark it can then be printed instantly!

The app includes ready-made templates and offers a range of special functions. Texts or images, such as company logos or photos, can be printed in colour in a flexible way. With an intuitive swipe of the device to the left or right, you can print directly on many surfaces.

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