Choose from 4 models:
Foilcraft Junior,   Foilcraft EZ Pro, Foilcraft Mayfair or Foilcraft Windsor


Foilcraft Junior
Maximum print area: 4 x 1.25"
Maximum height o product 2"
Voltage: 110v or 220v
British Designed

GBP: £795.00+VAT
USD: $1035.00
AUD: $1540.00

Foilcraft EZ Pro
Maximum print area: 4 x 3"
Maximum height o product 5"
EZ Lift
Voltage: 110v or 220v
British Designed

GBP: £1095.00+VAT
USD: $1460.00
AUD: $1915.00

Foilcraft Mayfair
One line stamping machine
Maximum height o 30mm
Voltage: 110v or 220v
British Designed

GBP: £1495.00+VAT
USD: $1988.00
AUD: $2617.00

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Shipped worldwide. Shipping quoted on request

What is  hot foil stamping?


Basically, hot fol stamping is where special letters or dies are heated to a require temperature and pressed against foil, which forms the colour of print, onto items such as real leather, fake leather (Faux), plastic, pvc, vinyl, paper, card. Hot fol stamping is not suitable for hard surfaces such as metal, hard wood, ceramics etc. For such surfaces, we would recommend our pad printing machines.

Foils are available in many colours. However, the more popular are metallic gold, metallic and matt rose gold, and metallic silver. Other metallic colours available are red, green, blue, purple, copper etc.

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To use the machine, you will require optional economy letters or higher quality brass letters. Dies can also be made with your logo or design, please enquire.


What is special about Foilcraft Hot Foil Stamping Machines?


Foilcraft hot foil stamping machines are of British Design, backed by CPL's 34 years of experience within this field. The birth of the Foilcraft hot foil stamping machines came about to fill the niche in the market for an affordable, compact, portable easy-to-use table-top machine. This has been successfully achieved over the last few years as the Foilcraft hot fol machines are in demand and sold all over the world.

Foilcraft hot foil stamping machines are designed to minimise the purchase of additional machines as they have generous printing areas and also large print beds as well as height adjustments - all key features on one machine. 

As we manufacture the Foilcraft hot foil machines ourselves, we have total control over quality, unlike the mass produced ones sold elsewhere. We are a foil stamping machines specialist supplier and not a general trader as often found with companies from the far east, who often do not have knowledge within this field to offer pre or after-sales support.


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