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Hot Foil Training

We are fortunate that our hot foil stamping machines are fairly easy to use and no specific training is required.

Upon purchase, we will supply you with links to our training videos and instructions. Most of our customers in the UK and overseas find them very helpful and they are able to start stamping onto products fairly quickly once they have received their machine from us.

However, should you come unstuck, please send us images or a short video of your issue by WhatsApp and we will be able to identify the issue and guide you to the right path very promptly.

However, if you prefer a one hour's free training at our premises in Romford, Essex. we will be happy to accommodate at a date and time to suit both parties.  One hour's training should be more than enough, as from our experience, those  who do come unstuck usually require just a little helping hand and they are normally good to go!

You can request this training either at the time of your purchase or later - there is no time set as you can come back to us at anytime after purchase too.

The free training will involve:-

* Outlining the features of the machine
* Setting up your machine correctly *
* Talking about safety aspects
* Help with lining up your products
* Stamping onto your products
* Pointing out useful tips which you may find handy

* How to correctly use letters
* How to correctly use Dies
* Looking after your letters and dies

* Setting up your machine will involve choosing the correct temperature for your product, the dwell time (how long to press for), adjusting the angle of the print head, if required.  Products come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes, you may have to improvise and we can guide you on this too.

All this information is usually contained in many of our helpful videos and written instructions (which you will be supplied with)  and most of our customers find that they are very helpful and they are able to start stamping immediately.

With technology advancing, we now have a dedicated WhatsApp number when you can call us free or send us messages and videos for any assistance. A simple video recording by a customer, often helps us to identify immediately, the source of any problems or issues. We can then help them promptly so they start stamping with confidence.

Our machines are supplied subject to our Terms & Conditions

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