Hot Foil Stamp onto Leather Handbags..


With the Foilcraft EZ Pro and the Floating bed, you can now personalise onto oversized bags, cosmetic bags and other leather goods


Hot Foil Stamping Machines

A choice of three great table-top machines, available at affordable prices

Brass Letters

We can produce deep etched brass letters in
any size and in virtually any style and language

Brass Dies

High quality brass dies made from artwork.
1/4" thick and very durable

Your search for a quality, and yet affordable hot foil stamping machine is finally over!

A range of British Designed Hot Foil Stamping Machines are now available immediately from stock in 110v or 220v.  No need to wait  weeks for your delivery to arrive.  When you purchase our Foilcraft EZ Pro for example, you will find that it can carry our wide and varied tasks without you having to invest in 3-4 different machines.  This means that you make big savings and also save on space, which often is at a premium.

We have been established for 34 years now in the London area, so you will be reassured that you are dealing with a steadfast company with many satisfied customers. In addition to our hot foil machines, we are also able to custom-make brass letters in any font or style and in almost any size. We can also engrave European Accents as well as foreign fonts.

We also offer a complete brass die makings service. Our brass dies are used by some of the most well known gift houses in the country. No matter how small or large your business is, we can help.


We are the leading authority in Personalization.  If you wish to discuss your requirements for a complete personalization set-up, please contact us without any obligation. Our staff are amongst the most professional in this industry and will reply to your emails comprehensively and in super-fast time!  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Saffiano Leather Blank Products

We have now launched a great range of saffinao leather products for you to personalise with your hot foil stamping machine.

Don't worry, if you do not have a hot foil stamping machine, we can assist  with our low cost British Designed Hot Foil Stamping Machines, complete with letters, foils, leather products, all under one roof.

Our new range of saffiano leather products are hugely popular for monogramming or personalising. We are able to supply them as very sensible prices thereby allowing you to make excellent profit.

Full range of our saffiano leather credit card wallets, key fobs, cross body bags, passport covers, tassle key fobs, mobile phone cases, luggage tags etc can all be found by clicking here and visiting our main website for hot foil stamping machines and accessories.