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Brass Dies

Whilst hot foil letters are used to print simple straightforward text, a die on the otherhand can incorporate logos, designs, patterns etc.

Our brass dies are deeply etched into in order to provide clarity and sharpness when embossing onto goods, with leather in particular.

We can engrave from your artwork. The files which we accept are Adobe Illustrator or PDF's.

Your artwork need to be presented as high quality in black and white and scaled to the correct size. Please avoid half tones, small dots, very thin lines  or lines very close to each other as well as very small letters or where such letters are too close together as these can have an adverse effect on your final printed item.

Apart from dies, Emojis are now becoming hugely popular especially when used together with our brass letters. We can engrave emjois to your own design or you can select some from our stock ready-made ones.

Emojis are now widely used to add a bit of fun when for example printing initials onto key fobs, mobile phone cases etc.


Examples of type-high emojis

Example of a custom die

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